Saturday, November 20, 2010

Copyediting as a Part time Job

If there is one job, which youths must seriously consider for part time job as well as full time life long career opportunity it is “Copyediting.” Copyediting is the process in which a copyeditor studies the manuscript for the identification of spelling mistakes, punctuation mistakes, grammar mistakes, jargon and terminology problems, and semantics and timeline issues. Copyeditor has to take care that the entire text is in accordance to style of the publisher.

The job of a copyeditor is governed by what is known as “Five Cs.” He has to work on the copy for clearness, conciseness, correctness, completeness and consistency. Copyeditor has to take care of the flow of the text, fairness, accuracy and sensibility. Copyeditor also has to take care that legal problems have been dealt with adequately. If the copyeditor finds any ambiguity and anything that is questionable, he has to discuss with the author and get the problems solved. Coy editor is the only person who reads the entire before it goes to printing.

Now how to learn copyediting? There are many organizations imparting training in Copyediting. The training duration may vary anywhere from two days to six months. I will recommend joining a two months course if it is a full time training program. Many online programs also are available. Many universities and colleges also provide training in Copyediting. With regular feedback from an experienced copyeditor from the side of your part time employer, you can develop your Copyediting skill regularly and simultaneously earn and by the time you finish your studies you will be in a position to seek employment as a full time Copyeditor or a part timer.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Selling as a Part time Career Opportunity

Even though countless job opportunities are available for anybody who wants to earn money on part time basis, selling holds a unique position among them. Selling as a career is one of the oldest profession in the world and possessing evergreen nature.

There are many types of selling jobs available to an aspirant. Direct selling and dealer network selling are two broad areas. In this direct selling is highly useful to people who want to sell on part time or full time basis. Many products can be sold easily only through this method of selling. This method is very useful to sell products like Vacuum Cleaner, insurance policies and many household items like cutlery.

Now coming to the aspect of monetary benefit of sales job, some companies offer part time jobs on commission basis and in some cases also for full timers also. Full time employees are offered for full timers, for people who have been in other type of jobs like production and want to change to sales many companies offer opportunities on commission basis.

For college students who are studying business majors or allied subjects and want to become marketing professional in future, a part time sales job can bring them excellent benefits. They can get a very good practical experience in selling and valuable contacts. When they go in for full time employment, they can straightaway take the job of Sales Executive without having to undergo extensive training. Students studying subjects like engineering also can take to Part Time Selling and harvest rich rewards.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Blogging as Part Time Earning Opportunity

One very interesting and highly lucrative earning opportunity, which is available for any serious aspirant is blogging. Blogging can be undertaken either as a part time earning opportunity or as full time earning opportunity

Blog is a website or a part of a website and the uniqueness of the same lies in the fact that the owner makes regular postings regarding events or any other things in which he is interested. Instead of text entries, they can also post videos, graphics or photos. This process is blogging. The person maintaining a blog is called blogger. In the early days, it was essentially used for personal purposes. It is today used for multiple purposes: personal, political, science and Technology, marketing, etc. Some blog can equated with a personal diary.

The essential difference between a blog and a website is the comment facility. Visitors can leave their opinion of the post they have read in the comment facility that is provided in a blog. This comment facility makes a blog interactive and dynamic one unlike a normal website.

Today many corporate business and non-voluntary organizations are employing bloggers to blog about their products and through the comment facilities; they are learning about consumer opinion and promote their products. If you are ready to put in hard work you can become a blogger and by getting your blog monetized you can get very good earnings. This you can do either as a part timer or as a full timer. For monetization purposes you can enroll yourself with programs like Google Adsense, etc.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Internet and Money Making

Now you have bought your computer and arranged for your internet connection. You are wondering in what way you can make good use of the same. In addition, I can understand that you have read a lot about money opportunities available across the internet and you have read a lot about the scandals taking place across the internet and you are wondering whether it will be possible for you to make money using your computer and internet.

Yes, it is possible to make money with the help of internet. There are various types of jobs, which are done with the help of internet. Data entry, online typewriting, online tutoring to mention a few. Internet jobs can be broadly classified into two categories. There are jobs which require very little skill or specialized knowledge like online type writing, data entry. There are jobs, which require high degree of specialized knowledge and training like Medical transcription, technical writing. These types of jobs require sound knowledge of concerned subjects and high degree of proficiency of the language in which you are going to do your work. Suppose you are going to do medical transcription in Spanish language, you must have a sound knowledge of Spanish grammar and punctuation.

From where to get these jobs? You simply browse the internet with words like “part time jobs at home” or “online job opportunities” and you will come across a lot of websites with such job opportunities and most of them are available free of cost, in the beginning use free opportunities. Once you have started to earn money you can also try paid opportunities. Free opportunities themselves will help you to make very good sums of money.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Home Based Part time Jobs

Whether you open the internet or the printed newspaper you can read many articles regarding home based jobs part time or full time. You can also note that some articles calling them as nothing but fraud and some calling them as an excellent opportunity to make money from home either on full time or part time basis. The first claim and the second claim are both equally true. Even in the brick and mortar world, there are many frauds.

You can also hear many people saying that even in a genuine program you cannot earn money. Yes, it is true to a large extent because many aspirants think that they need not put lot of hard work to earn money from home and they do not handle a home based job with a professional mentality. But the problem is you have to undertake home based job with the seriousness of a full time job or business only then you can really earn money otherwise you will end up in disappointment.

Now to earn successfully by doing home based part time jobs there are certain rules to be followed. First, forget that you have undertaken a part time home based job and assume that you are working inside the premises of a full time employer. Wear executive style dress only as it will give you a sense of duty. Please switch off your cell phone unless otherwise there is a vital necessity. Never ever, switch on your radio or television they are your enemies. You must be wholly absorbed in your work. If you follow these rules, you will certainly earn money working from your home either part time or full time.