Saturday, November 20, 2010

Copyediting as a Part time Job

If there is one job, which youths must seriously consider for life long career opportunity, it is Copyediting as a Part time Job.

What is Copyediting?

Copyediting is a process of .

Copy editing is the process in which a copy editor studies the manuscript for the identification of spelling mistakes, punctuation mistakes, grammar mistakes, jargon and terminology problems, and semantics and timeline issues. Copy editor has to take care that the entire text is in accordance to style of the publisher.

The job of a copy editor is governed by what is known as “Five Cs.” He has to work on the copy for clearness, conciseness, correctness, completeness and consistency. Copy-editor has to take care of the flow of the text, fairness, accuracy and sensibility. Copyeditor also has to take care that legal problems have been dealt with adequately. If the copy editor finds any ambiguity and anything that is questionable, he has to discuss with the author and get the problems solved. Copy editor is the only person who reads the entire before it goes to printing.

Now how to learn copy editing? There are many organizations imparting training in Copy-editing. The training duration may vary anywhere from two days to six months. I will recommend joining a two months course if it is a full time training program.

 Many online programs also are available. Many universities and colleges also provide training in Copyediting. With regular feedback from an experienced copyeditor from the side of your part time employer, you can develop your Copyediting skill regularly and simultaneously earn and by the time you finish your studies you will be in a position to seek employment as a full time Copyeditor or a part timer.

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